Personal Training in Butler

Personal Training Butler NJ

Innovation Fitness Solutions is committed to creating an environment for individuals to be successful in their fitness goals by providing the best, most complete Solution Based programming available.  Our Personal Training (Private Personal Training and Group Personal Training) and Weight Loss Programs will help you to lose weight, increase your energy and confidence and provide real, lasting results.

Innovation Fitness Solutions is driven by the opportunity to motivate and support healthy lifestyles by improving an individuals’ understanding of their own success. Our systems and products were developed based on scientific principles and are individualized towards the clients’ goals.

Our goal is to make sure that you reach and maintain your goal.

You see, what we do is serve you. We service you by having Two FULL-TIME locations (Butler on Rt 23N and Ringwood Ave – Haskell Town Center)

Your life is busy. We have plenty of convenient options for your Private and Group Training sessions. 7 days per week A.M and P.M. sessions.

Our TEAM of Coaches has INTEGRITY. We do what we ask of you. Not just telling you what to do without following our own advice.

Our TEAM of professionals cover all facets of WELLNESS – Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Nutritionists and Athletic performance Coaches. COMPLETE, one-stop shopping for your health and wellness needs.

We have the EXPERIENCE to know what will work for you and what will not, ensuring that your programming is efficient. We provide SUPPORT in all aspects of your journey with our private online coaching community, educational materials, Group Lifestyle Coaching sessions and physical training sessions.

We treat you with RESPECT while supporting your changes by create a safe, challenging and fun environment to get you to fall in love with moving and looking forward to your workouts. By making true, lasting relationships with the coaches and your fellow members.

Our Coaches are empathetic and UNDERSTANDING adults with rigorous jobs, kids, mortgage payments and life. We understand your time constraints and limitations and will work with you to build a sustainable wellness program.

We are FLEXIBLE in our approach and will be there to CHALLENGE you when you need it and SUPPORT you every day.

IFS is an incredibly MOTIVATING environment, however, motivation is the least important aspect. Our ACCOUNTABILITY programs will keep you COMMITTED to what you started.

Read our reviews.

Search our bios and experiences  and know that Innovation Fitness Solutions will help you ACHIEVE RESULTS for LIFE.

Ours is the place where you will want to bring your family, you will want to work out with your friends and you will be proud to be a part of a business that serves the Triboro proudly and has for 7.5 years.



Personal training in Butler NJ

Innovation Fitness  is committed to empowerment through truth, trust, compassion and driven by the clients’ long-term results.  

Genuine, highly skilled people are at the core of our business.

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We are your best, most complete solution for Personal Training and Weight Loss in the Triboro area.