Speed and Agility Should Be Year-Round Goals

Speed and Agility Should Be Year-Round Goals

Sporting outcomes are heavily dependent on speed, agility, and quickness. The fact that these athletic qualities are such “game changers” also makes them a fun topic to cover. To that end, I thought I’d pay specific attention to speed, agility, and quickness in today’s post.

More and more, athletes at all levels, are using their respective off-seasons to work on their speed, power, strength and agility along with developing and refining their specific sport skills.  The days of just showing up for tryouts without putting in significant offseason training time are over for most competitive youth athletes.  The offseason is a great time to make significant strides in strength, speed, power, mechanics, agility and skill.

Once the sport season begins, what happens to the qualities that have been developed through all the hard work in the offseason.  The short answer is that they will all diminish unless specific work is done to maintain them.  Studies show that athletes lose significant levels of maximum strength within 30 days and significant levels of speed within only 5 days after training for those qualities ceases.  Unfortunately, most important competitions happen at the end of the season.  Playoffs, championships, bowl games, it all happens 2-3 months after off-season training has ended.   Participants will be at their slowest, weakest, and most inefficient levels at the exact times they need to be at their best!  This hurts their performance and can increase risks of injury.

The solution is to have a great in-season speed and strength maintenance program, as well as an off-season program.  I know, you are wondering,  “How can you fit in extra training during the season?”  Well, how can you NOT fit it in?  The good news is that to maintain your strength, power, speed and mechanics gains it takes far less time than it did to gain them in the first place.  Even just one session a week can be very effective in addition to the sport practice to maintain strength, speed and power.  In season, athletes need quality not quantity.  A targeted speed, agility & strength stimulus with relatively high loads but low volumes will keep an athletes speed & force producing abilities from diminishing as well as keeping their movement mechanics sharp.  This will help to keep them strong, fast and injury free.

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