Matthew Jacobs, CPT

I grew up as an overweight child. Around the age of twelve, I became sick and tired of always being sick and tired. At this point, I had challenges with self-esteem, as I was picked last for everything athletically and could never keep up with my friends. At this point, I decided to make a change. I started to boycott fast food and became more active by running and doing at home work outs. My persistence paid off and by the time I entered high school I had lost about 60+ pounds of body fat. My self-esteem was at an all-time high and decided to give organized sports (Football) another try.

Coach Matt and Elizabeth

Coach Matt and Elizabeth

Soon after joining I came to the realization that I didn’t like being skinny just as much as I didn’t like being heavy. This realization allowed me to shift my focus to becoming stronger and more athletic. Now, in my mid-twenties, I have had more than 10 years of consistent training, and I made the decision to make my passion for fitness and for helping people discover what I have, my career.  Driven by what I had accomplished I became a personal trainer, in the hopes to help others do just the same!

As a new Father, I have a great, new perspective on Fitness and Wellness. The importance of being able to consistently maximize your time and strive to better care for yourself is my priority. I would like to be a part of your fitness journey too!

I have three goals in life.
1) to be happy and love what I do.
2) to take care of my family.
3) to help as many people on earth as I can.

The best part of being a personal trainer is I get to accomplish all three of those every single day.

I specialize in Personal Training Butler NJ. I love working with people of all ages interested in improving their overall fitness. One of my passions is working with Athletes to improve their on field performance and increase their self-esteem.
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