IFS Programs

IFS Programs

The Innovation Fitness Group Personal Training Program is our most popular program.  It combines cardiovascular exercise, strength training, stretching and circuit training to give you a fantastic workout.  We have a fun and supportive environment to insureGroup Personal Trainingyou consistently attend sessions and get the most effective workouts possible.

Make no mistake, this is not a boot camp or a group fitness class. This is Small Group Personal Training. WHAT IS SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING? 4 – 8 people per session who get individual attention and modifications in each and every session. Modifications are based on your Goals, Needs & Skill Level. We keep you safe, challenge you and get you RESULTS FOR LIFE.

Get strong, burn calories and get confident.
The Innovation Fitness Solutions Group Personal Training system utilizes a structured and progressive system based on 20 years of industry experience. Our Small Group Personal Training schedule consists of  sessions focused on flexibility, mobility and balance (Yoga, Pilates) under the BODY ALIVE series.
Sessions created to MAXIMIZE fat burning and to improve strength and performance – METABOLIC series.
Educational sessions for Life Strategies, Nutrition, Weight Management and Stress Reduction under the COACHING series.
Sessions are set-up on a Level I – V  scale.  Level I would be for novice exercisers. Level V for experts. Each participant performs a thorough analysis to be sure they will maximize their time AND get all of their needs met. 
Our EXPERT COACHES will meet with you for a complimentary consultation to discuss your Goals and create a plan for you to achieve them.



THE ROAD to RESULTS is paved with complete, “WHOLEistic” programming.

Work one on one or with a partner to achieve your goals quickly and safely. Understanding the form and function of your body will empower you to reach goals you never thought possible.  Our Personal Trainers are Coaches, Mentors, Motivators, Educators and Guides.

Equipped with the best education, tools and technique, our personal trainers implement programming that progressively stimulates change.

But we don’t stop, or even start, there. The experience begins with you. Our personal ballprtrainers come ready to inspire, and based on your needs, we will help you connect with a trainer that motivates you to go above and beyond your goals.

By building a relationship with clients, our trainers are successful in helping achieve long-term, life-changing results using our exclusive 4 Pillars of Fitness formula.

How is IFS unique?


  Shrink while you grow ChangeClock

The IFS “Better” Weight Loss program is a combination of our Group Training Program and Support/Education meetings to provide all the necessary support, guidance, accountability and consistency that is required to maintain Lifelong weight loss.  Our program focuses on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Environmental strategies to decrease stress, improve nutrition and exercise habits, improve sleep and mood and live a happy and fulfilled life. 

If you have struggled with weight issues, have lost and regained your weight, have had an aversion to exercise or simply have been confused about how to go about losing weight and changing your life for good then this program will simplify everything for you. It is a full combination of Nutrition Coaching, our Group Training Program and Lifestyle Coaching. 

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In Home Personal Training

Too busy to come to us?  Our professional trainers will come to you
You understand the need to stay fit and maintain your health.
However, life is busy and most likely, it will stay like this for some time…
You work long hours and the kids need to be in different places all of the time.
There is no “me time” and your fitness and sanity are beginning to slip away. 
Getting to our facility is just not an option for you. No need to give up on your goals. 
Innovation Fitness Solutions provides in-home Personal Training performed by our professional team.
Have a home gym?  Awesome! No home gym? No problem! We will bring everything to you.