Agility Training in Butler Helps Produce Better Basketball Stalwarts

Agility Training in Butler Helps Produce Better Basketball Stalwarts

Agility Training in Butler Helps Produce Better Basketball Stalwarts

A significant majority of NBA teams have called the season off earlier than they would have hoped, and fans are going to have to wait a while before the new season opens in late October. However, there is one thing for fans to be excited about: the rookies in the draft. A May 19, 2014 Right Down Euclid article documents the physical gifts of one of the draft’s most talented swingmen:

“[Andrew] Wiggins basically brings everything to the table that you would want in a small forward. He’s 6’8” with a 7-foot wingspan. He’s a little slight of frame, but he is only 19, so he has the room to grow. Wiggins is an incredible athlete, and this is his major draw. By now you’ve probably seen some variation of the Wiggins vertical jump meme (here’s my personal favorite), and it’s just awe-inspiring to watch him play because of his athleticism. Wiggins can jump out of the building, is incredibly quick of his size, and has great lateral quickness, which lends to some fun defensive plays like weakside steals and Wiggins blocking three-point attempts. The amount of ground Wiggins can cover is insane, and that athleticism alone would probably be enough to make him a top 3 pick in most drafts.”

The Kansas stalwart has the makings of an NBA juggernaut, and this is mostly attributed to his physical capabilities. Young athletes who also want to take their game to the next level should undergo agility training in Butler this summer to improve their physical chops.

Different sports expect different physical tools for their athletes. Basketball, in particular, hopes that their players have explosive physical skills to outmaneuver the opposition. Startling vertical, quick footwork, and good dribbling speed are important physical components of a good basketball player.

Young ballers who want to boost their capabilities on court should consider working with a reputable Butler Parisi Speed School. Working with a facility that offers the proper training─ like Innovation Fitness Solutions─ will help a future NBA stalwart gain the necessary strength, speed, and conditioning required to trump the competition.

Andrew Wiggins is a product of good genes and hard work. Ballers who want to stand on the same platform and be drafted Number 1 should do everything they can to stand out. Speed training will definitely help them make the dream achievable

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